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    . Merry Christmas and Happy new year without borders , my wishes for the new year are the following : - keep playing and sharing my music around the world - keep travelling with the mindset without borders - keep sharing countless of projects that I'm involved - keep social distance with politics and anything's negative - keep my creativity mindset alive and always high with 100% freestyle improvisation - keep all my dreams alive - keep be the voice of the voiceless in whatever genuine and honest situation - keep focus all my energy to make a step forward evey days without wasting any minute - keep my mission always alive - keep believe in ONE WORLD - together united we stand, one day we will get there. And the list go on and on ..... - keep my private life close to my heart , and that includes all the things that i didn't mentioned above , love you all and I wish you all to find your mission in this life , whatever you believe and love follow always your heart . ONE LOVE. Piano Title: Klangfarbenmelodie Artist: Natalia D'onofrio Piano Location: Lincoln Center @njdonofrio T-shirt designed by my friend artist @fatisharts #NY #nyc #artforall #pianistwithoutborders #singforhope #SFHPianos #publicpianos #globalpublicpianos #streetperformance #kindness #composer #compassion #composition #freestyle #music #artist #art #piano #design #drawing #unitedwestand #oneworld #togetherwestand

Address: 531, East 20th Street, Peter Cooper Village, Manhattan, New York County, New York, 10010, United States

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