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    You know what's really cool? When two strangers strike up a conversation and decide to do a duet. #beautyandthebeast All are welcome to come out and play! You never know who you will meet or the conversations that can be drummed up because of a #piano. @pianosforpeace #WeMetAtThePiano #Community #Pianosforpeace #PFPatTheForum @coreewoodson
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    #PianosForPeace bringing the community together to play and listen! We are so excited to be one of the 50 site locations for the 2017 @pianosforpeace festival! Pianos For Peace is a not for profit organization that aims to achieve #peace and promote philanthropy through #art, #music and #education. One of the beautifully painted pianos will be on our property and in the streets and parks of Metro #Atlanta from September 1 – 18, 2017 for #everyone and anyone to #enjoy. To continue to help #PianosForPeace make arts accessible to our #community you can make a donation at www.pianosForPeace.org #PianosForPeace #PFPatTheForum

Address: The Forum on Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree Parkway Trail, Avala, Jones Bridge Landing, Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett County, Georgia, 30092-2021, United States

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