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  • 4 years ago

    My hotel in China has this grand piano in the lobby that I just can't stop playing! I never like playing in front of people but i couldn't pass the chance to play on this and I get a nice reaction from the employees and guests so why not! 👌 The middle octave has some keys that are broken, so I've had to play this song 1 octave lower. The second video was the hotels pianist asking me to play for him! Visitors aren't allowed to play on it in case they break it even more, but when they realised I can some what play, they gave me free reign to play on it whenever I want 🙌 Will film the full version of this song when I get back to the uk 🤘 #Thinwhitemancanplaypiano #AlexisFrench #Bluebird #Grandpiano #publicpiano #hotellobby #China #Wuhan #Businesstrip #Lecturersontour

Address: Ramada Plaza Tian Lu Hotel, 726, 虎泉街, 关东街道, 卓刀泉街道, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Jiang'an District, Hubei, 430205, China

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