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    Enrique Granados- Quejas o La maja y El Ruiseñor 💃🏽🎼🎵🎶 I am learning this next piece for my Piano Diploma 😍 It’s about two lovers, so romantic- my absolute favourite style. I’m definitely playing it a little slower than it should be! Needs more work with the metronome, and in general work on those rallentandos and accelerandos that are alllll over the piece!! This is a dream piece for me and probably technically the most challenging and difficult piece I have ever played, more difficult than the Beethoven movement I am playing. This is the first time Ive recorded playing it, i’ve progressed a lot and can’t wait to progress MORE and play it fluently in the coming weeks ✨✨ Fun fact- Bèsame Mucho song by Consuelo Velasquez was based on this beauty of a piece 😍 Hope you enjoyy 🎵🎶

Address: Masthead House, Royal Crest Avenue, Royal Wharf, London Borough of Newham, London, Greenwich, Greater London, England, E16 2PT, United Kingdom

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