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    התאספות ספונטנית סביב הפסנתר החדש ברחוב הלל בקור הירושלמי... אין כיף כזה. There's nothing quite like a spontaneous gathering around the new Hillel St. piano. #cadenza_piano #pianostories #outdoorpiano #פסנתררחוב #פסנתרבטון

Address: 29, Hillel, Nahlaot, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Subdistrict, Jerusalem District, no, Israel


…But I have enjoyed it other evenings!

―Larry ( 2 years ago )

Doesn’t seem to work on the shabbath..? And my traven group asked me to have a little farewell concert last night in Jerusalem…

―Larry ( 2 years ago )


Available 2 years ago.

Is this piano still available?

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