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    Once upon a time there was a little girl. She loved to play and run around. But all too often she didnt feel fast enough or smart enough or pretty enough. So she ran faster and played harder and over time grew a thick skin protecting herself from the harsh world she was always comparing herself to. Aside from sports and music and boys, she loved dolphins. She had never met one before, but somehow deep down she knew she would feel at home. So when it was time to save the world because her own wounds were too covered up by scar tissue to surface, she decided to learn how to help people through dolphin assisted therapy. Only on her way, there was a crossroads. She went right. And for more than halfway to two decades, her heart and soul still dreamt of the dolphins and the calm and the world underneath full of mystery and colors. Until... now. Someone was finally able to bring her back to her path. Breathing slowly in and out of the snorkel, eyes fluttering ahead, left down, right, feet swaying up and down, hands holding tight with emotion, and then the calm. A dolphin swims right towards me. Her name is Luna. She looks me in the eye and gently swims across me to my left. My hand reaches out, I'm in awe. I'm feeling. No words, no thoughts, no worries, no lists, no disappointing anybody, just plain old feelings. Emotions. That's why I've wanted to work as a dolphin assisted therapy all these years. Down here in the calm of these beautiful creatures home, there is nothing but raw emotion, instinct and devotion. Guess it's ok to finally feel some feelings. To rub away some of the scar tissue and take a look at what's underneath. Wishing everyone a year full of emotion. Full of the acceptance of being the amazing human you are- full of the scars and the wounds, the healing and joy. Shana tova!

Address: Municipal library, Sderot Hativat HaNegev, Tsofit, Ofir, Eilat, Beersheba Subdistrict, South District, no, Israel

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