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Last week something major happened! My @singforhope family donated a grand piano to Duke Children’s Hospital (one of the @cmnhospitals ❤️❤️). Many of you know that when my dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s T- Cell lymphoma, I became his stem cell donor. We donated the piano to Duke Children’s because this was the hospital where I donated my stem cells and where my dad received the transplant. I am so thankful to God because my dad is here to tell the story and was at the piano dedication ceremony last week! This has been a full-circle moment for my family and me. Doing the stem cell transplant helped me to learn to be more vulnerable and I learned to love deeply (1 Peter 4:8). I’m so thankful that I could take my partnership with Sing for Hope to the next level through this gift of music. I hope the melodies played on this piano will touch many lives and the patients, families, staff, and guests at Duke Children's Hospital will find joy in the miracles that happen there every day. #singforhope #missamerica #cmnhospitals