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Likely not available (last seen 3 months ago)

Gorgeous Young and Chang baby grand in A+ condition in the window. You’ll be invited to play if you want. Great coffee too and ice cream. Really beautiful cafe, bright, immaculately clean. Lots of people around (which made me nervous) working, relaxing, and chatting. It’s the perfect environment for your impromptu performance. Can’t wait to give it another shot.

Likely not available (last seen 11 months ago)

https://raleighdenimworkshop.com/ Older console/spinet in the jeans shop. Atmosphere is great! Usually quiet middle of the day, busier late afternoon….give the shoppers a little concert. Very friendly staff who enjoy having a pianist visit. Buy some cool jeans while you’re there.

Likely not available (last seen 11 months ago)

https://www.heightshousenc.com/ Older grand piano in the lounge in the basement. May not be available if there is a private event.